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    Chef Carousel provides locations a pop-up food source as an extra amenity and entertainment to their tenants/residents/patrons. With our network of chefs, we are able to provide an ever-revolving new culinary experience. These chefs fall into three main categories: Foods, Beverages, and Desserts. The chefs are all local and novel-brand food entrepreneurs. There are no commercial brand food operators in our program.Each location will customize their own scheduling experiences by choosing: the desired dates/times, the capacity of chefs in attendance per visit, the categories of chefs (food / beverage / dessert), the placement for their setup, and any property policies they must adhere to.
    In order for Chef Carousel to succeed at any given location, there are expectations that are needed to be met by both the chefs and us as the service provider. For the chefs, it comes down to sales. Most of our participating chefs (not all) are happy with reaching a minimum 10 customers per service-hour. Given that most services are 3-4 hours, there is then a minimum 30-40 customer expectation for the overall experience. However, reaching at least 20 customers is still sustainable for most chefs. Our goal as the service provider is to create sustainability. Chefs (or operators) reaching their sales goals is the most important measure, and we create these service policies in order to architect that outcome. Locations that participate in Chef Carousel must agree to these terms in order to receive the service: Safe & Compatible Setup Environment: It is expected that where a location chooses the setup area for the visiting chefs is safe and secure for both the operators and their customers (tenants/residents/patrons). Additionally, it is expected that the area is conducive for the success of sales of the operators by being a visible and known spot for customers to visit at. Program Promotion: It is expected that a location promote the Chef Carousel program, as well as the names and menus of visiting chefs before they arrive. Specifically, promotion should be sent out with at least 24 hours notice, if not earlier. Non-Compete: It is expected that the location does not unreasonably provide other food-beverage-dessert options while being serviced with Chef Carousel. Nor can a location offer exclusive opportunities to visiting chefs. In one aspect we are seeking to protect the sales interest of the chefs, while in the other aspect we are protecting our own financial integrity from locations inviting chefs to opportunities we do not get administer.
    Our default program succeeds on the basis that enough property promotion should correspond to sufficient sales outcomes for visiting chefs, whereby each customer self-pays. Our Food Subsidy Program is an alternative option where any location can provide any monetary budget, that we administer, to give its tenants/residents/patrons their food-beverage-dessert choices as paid-for up to the budgetary amount. We can typically secure a $10/item arrangement to any of our participating chefs. These paid-meals can be distributed on the basis of first-come, first-serve or predetermined by property selection.
    This service is designed to bring the novelty of food entrepreneurs to any location. For chefs, it is an unmatched convenience to find daily opportunities to work without having to contact and convince every property decision maker beforehand. Additionally, we help set the right course of expectations onto locations that chefs would otherwise have to articulate to them for themselves. In the event that a bad sales experience occurs, we are then on-task to discover and resolve any issues that caused such a prevention of profitability. We will always seek to push forward the best financial opportunities to vendors. Our primary fulfillments are: 1) fair-and-equal treatment for the booking opportunities amongst chefs. 2) Giving compensation to chefs when opportunities fall under financial expectations by opening up free spaces at the best performing locations, or giving first dibs to catered (prepaid) opportunities. These are our make up efforts when thing inevitable go wrong, and to prove we care about your financial well-being. We seek to build a collaborative community of chefs that share knowledge, resources, and opportunities to grow together.
    Our brand is affected by the good or bad performances of each participating chef to the opportunities we organize scheduling for. Likewise, the chef brands are also tied to the performances of all participating chefs in the program. Therefore, we should all strive to not only represent the best for ourselves, but the best for others we are ultimately tied to in this service. We expect from every participating chef: - possessing/displaying your food handlers certification - maintaining business liability insurance - keeping all your commitments to the best of your ability (not canceling arbitrarily) - showing up on-time to be ready to serve for the shift hours you book online - reading all location details associated to the bookings you make - being respectful to any other chefs in participation with you at these locations - being respectful to all location staff / constituents onsite - keeping a clean station before, during, and after your service - providing a positive and welcoming demeanor to customers - accepting all forms of payment (cash/card) - keeping a safe environment given the use of heating instruments or sharp tools - asking questions if you don't know something and never presume if you're not 100% sure - not approaching the location management/ownership staff for opportunities outside this program Violations to any of our expectations onto you (the chefs), will cause your suspension from the program at our discretion.
    We do not provide a refund of your paid bookings unless they are unique circumstances they compel us otherwise. A chef will have to explain the full situation, but it will still be within our discretion to accept or deny such requests. Generally speaking, there is a NO REFUND POLICY. However, we will be much more lenient towards offering credit as make up for missed or poor-performing opportunities. Credits for missed opportunities where the chef cancels will not be guaranteed by us. In those instances, the chef is at fault (no matter the excuse). Our willingness to credit such will be based on our perspective of your frequency of past cancelations, or your reliability and performances as a whole. We will help those who we see are operating in good faith.
    It is very important to read every location's profile description in the booking process, before you commit to any open dates. All locations we serve (unless otherwise specified) have these standard operational criteria: - chefs bring all their own table setups - chefs must be standing and ready for service during the hours of operation - tablecloth / dressings are required - menu boards displaying accurate information (items and prices) are required - portable self-sanitation is required - use of gloves and hairnets when handling any product preparation or serving is required - chefs need to accept both cash and card forms of payment - setup areas will be cleaned by chefs before leaving locations - chefs will record with pictures and identify to location staff of any spills, damages,
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