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Starting Chef Carousel

Read the following before submitting your desired custom schedule. You can submit multiple times based on multiple properties you manage, or having different chef category desires land on different dates-times.


By submitting this form, you are confident your property will provide each visiting chef a minimum of 10 customers per requested hour of service, whereas most services are 3-4hr durations. You are not financially bound by any guaranteed minimums of sales, however, chefs will choose not to return to locations deemed insufficient to their efforts. SEE FULL TERMS OF SERVICE



By submitting this form, you are agreeing to not administer through any other means the invitation of other food-beverage-dessert vendors at any point while using the Chef Carousel at your property. Nor are you inviting the chefs in our program into opportunities outside of our administered service to your property. SEE FULL TERMS OF SERVICE

Food Packaging


For this schedule, rotate among:
Open-Flame Restriction?

We will follow up with you before beginning your schedule.

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